~ Plight of Targeted Individuals ~
(Based on my own direct experiences and insights)

I separate "Targeted Individuals" into two categories with the first one mentioned here being the most common.

At this point, it appears that most of humanity is being targeted in one way or the other, with radio wave (microwave) technologies.

The most common "Targeted Individuals" (TIs) are either victims of a secret eugenics movement, which uses microwave weapons to inflict terminal illness, or are victims of remote technological medical and psychological or behavior modification (mind control) experimentation. And most remain completely unaware of what is happening to them.

Those who are targeted for remote technological experimentation or eugenics will often suddenly acquire strange physical inflictions that can range from unusual joint pain, depression, migraines, weakness, mental numbness and fatigue to medically unexplainable neurological or physical problems, like lupus...etc. (See more symptoms here.) The list of possibilities is almost endless. The functionality of any part of our bodies can be harmed by various frequencies of radio waves remotely directed into them through laser weapons.

Most victims probably have a feeling that something is wrong, that their illnesses is not natural, but just do not know how to label it due to a lack of awareness that such technologies exist and are being used on human beings since at least the 1970s.

"The Plight of Primary Targeted Individuals"

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the tortured ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

Primary Targeted Individuals are those of us who are also put on a "hitlist" in a lathal covert harassment program, which aims to discredit us and literally destroy every aspect of our lives, hitler style.

Among those of us who end up in this program are whistle blowers, witnesses to the criminal use of radio wave (microwave) technologies and uncontrollable mind control victims. We are being physically and psychologically tortured in the cruelest and most inhumane ways.

I understand how difficult this is to believe. But PLEASE at least remain open minded, because the well-being of someone you love may depend on your awareness. Please just give this the benefit of your doubt, because we are experiencing unspeakable levels of torture.

   Once we are put on this Hit List, we are held under constant satellite surveillance while being tortured both psychologically and physically through remote weapon attacks and local covert harassment programs . . .all of which is slyly orchestrated to make us look "crazy" or "paranoid" if we dare to speak out or try to seek help. (This is like Hitler style satanism at its worst.)
   Without public awareness and law enforcement help, our lives continue being destroyed through what is viewed as natural deaths, suicides and projected mental illness or framings for imprisonment, in order to discredit us so that no one believes our testimonies.
    I'm sure that this seems too cruel for most of you to want to face or believe.
   The methods being used to isolate and harm us are being done Hitler style - with friends, neighbors and even family members being manipulated against us. Some of these manipulations are being done through rumors and some are done with remote mind control technologies.
   Although everyone who is close to the primary victim gets targeted also, the goal is to isolate us and leave us with no person to turn to for help, prior to abduction or an inconspicuous murder.
   I believe that this holocaust is far more dangerous than Germany's historic one, because its also being done with more advanced types of drugs, chemicals and technologies, which most of humanity is not aware of. Rescues do not yet seem to be on the horizon, because even our own governments still deny the fact that such technologies exist.
   Even some "support" web forums for "Targeted Individuals," seem to be infiltrated with, when not slyly run by, the perpetrators of this holocaust. Over and over again I have feelt shocked by the levels of cruelty inficted upon us. It took me a long time to face the localized covert harassmnet part of this, because I did not want to realize that such HORRIFIC levels of evil/cruelty can exist and seems to have control of so many members of our communities. Unfortunately it does exist and will continue destroying increasing numbers of individuals until more people start realizing what is happening and find the heart and courage to stand up against this for us.
   The covert harassment part often involves constant stalking and psychological harassment by groups of criminals or neighborhood watch groups and law enforcement who've been told lies about us. This often includes being threatened, drugged, raped, hit with chemical warfare and having our homes, vehicles, jobs and relationships invaded and/or destroyed. This is all done so inconspicuously that it is not usually obvious to people around us. These criminals operate with a stealth and secrecy that is difficult to expose or prove. Thus far, Michigan is the only state, that I know of, to acknowledge this crime and pass new laws to help protect victims.
    Many who have tried to seek help from family or law enforcement, have been shoved into unaware or infiltrated parts of the medical profession, to be misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which appears to be the final step of the psychological destruction and discrediting process.
    This is easily done because the description of what we are experiencing, mimics the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, and there is not NEARLY enough public awareness of this fact. A good article on this was written by British psychoanalyst, Carol Smith.
"No problem ever got solved by misdiagnosing it!"

I beg you to believe this. I am often hit with excruciating levels of torture, and my writings often interfered with, in criminal efforts to prevent this information from being heard or believed by the general public.

As I skimmed through a list of other Targeted Individuals on the link below the following statement forced my aching heart to release a batch of tears, "I wish to everyone who has lasted long enough to read this, all luck in searching for just normal life. When we will get the right to that, the most important battle of Humankind will have been won." It was written by Aleksander Zielinski. I wonder if he is still alive. The saddest part of this list is that it probably exposes only a minuscule fraction of a small percent of the lives that have been damaged or destroyed by lethal technological targeting and organized stalking and harassment. http://www.lambros.name/profreedom/survivors_links.html

Washington Post Article, "Mind Games" by Sharon Weinberger January 14, 2007

Domestic Terrorism -- By Air! by Jerry E. Smith

I think it is safe to say that the following words, which my tears wrote, can be coming from any Primary Targeted Individual. . .to the rest of Humanity

I don't want to be left to evil pretenses of helping hands.
I need to be comforted by those who can care to understand.
I don't want to be declared insane for their hateful gain.
I need you to soothe my wounds instead of inflicting more pain.
I don't want you to watch from a silent distance while I die.
I need you here beside me as I pray to God and cry.

Please help us.

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Message for Law Enforcement Personnel:

It is my understanding that this operation is lead military style. . .with the lower branches of it remaining completely unaware of the master plan. And I have grown to believe that if local, state and even some federal, Law enforcement agencies (Including veterans and FEMA workers) knew that they may be under the influence of secret remote mind control technologies and are targeting innocent people - people like their own families. . .and that they and their own loved ones are NOT going to be left unhurt by this atrocity, they would begin listening to their hearts instead of remaining unaware puppets for an evil operation that is a serious threat to all of humanity.

Please listen to your Hearts and research this. YOU have the power to save your own families and the rest of humanity. Please do so - please find the heart and the courage to stand up, expose and stop covert harrasment programs. And for God's sake (literally) do not engage in them. We need your protection. We need to trust that you will be there for us. We need our freedom restored for ALL our sakes.

Targeted Individual Websites:

Please listen to the Heart of your own instincts on these links. I believe that most of them are authentic, Targeted Individuals, but there is so much intentional misinformation from perpetrators who pretend to be TIs that it can be VERY difficult to figure out which ones are genuine. This is why I've had such difficulty finding accurate proof of what I have been experiencing and witnessing. If you are a genuine TI and would like your blog or website added to this list please email to me at sharonpoet (at) gmail.com).

Targeted Individuals


Message for Primary Targeted Individuals; "I wish to everyone who has lasted long enough to read this, all luck in searching for just normal life. When we will get the right to that, the most important battle of Humankind will have been won." by Aleksander Zielinski.

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