Covert Harassment (Gangstalking)
The Secret Criminal Part 0f Our Societies
(Based in my own experiences. Revised 9-21-2014)

Exposing a covert program that is designed to inconspicuously
disrupt or destroy literally every aspect of our live.

This crime is also known as mobbing, organized stalking, predatory
stalking, cause stalking, psychological warfare, community bullying...etc.

A Good News Cast about Covert Harassment;

     In this program we (Targeted Individuals) are stalked and harassed by groups of people who are lead by those who hold us under satellite surveillance and also harm us with radio wave technologies, which include psychotronic mind control technologies, laser weapons and microwave weapons. Through a series of manipulations the victims relationships are sabotaged. After a victim is isolated from all possible sources of help the targeting vamps into lethal levels where people we turn to for help try to convince us that we are just "mentally ill" or have become a "paranoid schizophrenic." And the set ups for this seem to start in the early stages of the program. This is criminal, lethal, Hitler-style mental abuse at its worst. And it has great success, due to general public lack of awareness, and due to this covert operation infiltrating law enforcement and medical facilities, as well as utilizing mind control technologies on ALL of us.

    Quote; "Predatory Gangstalking is intended to deprive someone of their freedoms and rights. It destroys a person's privacy and control of their own environments. It is intended to create distress, disrupt all relationships, deplete person's resources, destroy one's physical and mental health, and inflict great overall long term suffering... They employ a variety of interactions with the targeted individual which are likely to produce accidents and various forms of illness. One of the main weapons they use for their own protection and to enable their success in gangstalking is to manipulate the target's life in such a way as to cause them to lose their credibility with others. This is usually the first objective reached. After that, gangstalking the target involves only minor risk. Notably, people who become involved generally stop caring about the abuse by either turning a blind eye or actively joining in. While others, though concerned for the target, become too frightened to speak out or come to believe the propaganda that the target is mentally ill and needs 'this' help."

    Please don't think that this form of covert targeting only happens to famous people or suspected terrorists and criminals...etc. Hitler used covert harassment tactics against the Jews. And dark occult members use them against anyone whom they hate or want to hurt. I hear that it is becoming popular in the corporate world - if someone in the program wants your job, you are in for and unimaginable batch of hell. This could happen to anyone and is happening to growing numbers of people. Covert harassment programs appear to be growing in the shadows of a covert war, which most people don't even realize is happening.
    It appears that citizens, all over the globe, are becoming victims of, or are being roped into, criminal gangstalking programs. And there is a desperate need for public and law enforcement awareness, which has been mostly unacknowledged, at the victims expense.
    As far as I know, the state of Michigan is the only state in the USA, which has recently acknowledged the devastating effects of covert harassment and has passed new laws to help prevent its continued growth and success.

    I have experienced painful levels of this. In my case the targeting has vamped up at certain times. As soon as they finished sabotaging my closest relationships the targeting vamped up and become more obvious, because I no longer had anyone whom I could turn to for help. Another vamp up happened as soon as they succeeded with financial ruin, because I no longer had the resources to hire help. Once they got me into a homeless situation the doors of hell swung wide open. I've been dealing with this level of it since 2005.

     The Most Shocking Part of this Horrible Reality is that gangstalking group members are often ordinary people - not like a city "gang" at all. Some of them are professionals who seem to have been roped into a secret society/program under the guise of protecting our communities. . .and do not realize how corrupt it is - do not realize that THEY are the dangers - that THEY are terrorizing Innocent Targeted Individuals. (I like to believe this because I just can not otherwise understand how so many supposedly decent people would join such a program.)
    They tiptoe around, (often WITHIN) law enforcement, medical, spiritual and government agencies. Many are law enforcement personnel, or members of "neighborhood watch" groups, who believe lies, which are fed down to them, through a corrupt system, against innocent victims. Some are foolish people who are manipulated into stalking, as if it were a fun game. Some are poor people who are paid to perform crimes against victims. Some are doctors and dentists who have planted micro chips in unsuspecting victims. Some are X cons who are taught how to gangstalk in prison and do it as a job when they are released. Some are members of dark occults with satanic intentions. MANY are veterans who are still caught up in a war and are not aware that their plight is being taken advantage of by criminals who are manipulating and deceiving them. Many proudly display USA flags while destroying our freedom and liberty. (I have found this shocking!) Many stalkers appear to be unaware victims of mind control technologies. I call them puppets, because most of them seem to foolishly, blindly follow directions from their leaders, usually through text messaging) without even realizing what they are doing. All of them are criminal accomplices to the countless numbers of psychological and physical murders, which are now taking place worldwide.

    I could tell you a few horror stories about what it is like to be a long term victim of this. I do not have the energy right now. But please believe me when I say that this can be compared to Hitler's holocaust. We are being hurt, both physically and psychologically, on levels that are indescribable. Our pain is excruciating. Perhaps the most painful part is the lack of public and law enforcement acknowledgment of these crimes - the lack of help and protection. The tormenting and torturing continues day after day, month after month, year after year, while we are surrounded by people who THINK all is fine - people who do not believe us.

Here are a few things that are done by gang stalkers:

Stalking us everywhere we go: They track us through cell phones, devices on vehicles, microchips, satellites...etc. Stalkers seem to be connected to a large occult/organization, that has chapters in most communities and countries, and pass us off to each other so that the harassment never ends. . .no matter where we go.

Keeping us under constant satellite surveillance: AND letting us know that they are doing this, which is, in itself, a serious form of torture. Can you imagine feeling like you are on display every minute of every day? This, alone, could drive a person crazy. Seriously.

Invade and destroy other levels of privacy: Stalkers tap into our computers, phones, emails, homes...etc., to listen to our conversations and then let us know that they hear us.

Crowding us in public: Stalkers aim to cut us off or stand too close or bump into us or make us wait in long lines. This part is also called mobbing. Stalkers also follow us in vehicles. . .often pulling out ahead of us instead of behind us. They try to cut us off, blare horns at us, pull up beside us with blaring music, try to run us off the road, suddenly slow down in front of us. They sometimes use false license plates on their vehicles when obviously zooming in to cause harm or irritation. Otherwise they try to blend in with other traffic and just be inconspicuously rude.

Home, Business and Vehicle Intrusions: They access our homes and vehicles, in order to move our belongings around...etc. They play games like hiding something one day and then putting it back after we notice it missing. They do things like repeatedly move the rear view mirror in my vehicles or hide my keys. Some of them seem to even go so far as to drug or toxify our food, tooth paste, shampoo...etc. I've had tooth paste cause inflammation of my gums.

"Street Theater" - Noise Campaigns: Stalkers creating frequent loud noises around us, which can include things like blaring music, blaring horns, banging, slamming doors, blaring sirens, yelling, revving engines, screeching tires. . .and street theater - the process of acting out an argument between two stalkers, which sometimes includes the repeating of parts of our own conversations...etc.

Micro-chip planting: Many victims have been implanted with micro chips by a trusted doctor or dentist or stalker who slyly drugged them before installing it. Victims can suddenly find a cut or sore on their head without any memory of an injury...etc. This has happened tome more than once. (I hear that new forms of microchips are so tiny that their installation is virtually unnoticeable.)

Financial Ruin: The stalkers instigate financial ruin. This can include mind control techniques to steer us in bad directions, identity theft, rumors and interference with phone messages, emails and text messages connected to our work, microwaving us until we are too sick to work...etc. This list go on and on and on.

Sabotaging relationships: Stalkers aim to destroy our relationships with our children and family members as well as our friendships. . .through rumors, fabricated letters, emails, recorded phone messages...etc. With the use of mind control technologies this is becoming easier then you'd think it could be. (Please read the page on "mind control."

Slander: Stalkers use the media or internet to publicly discredit us, or they'll start false rumors in our communities, so that the public will turn against us and/or not believe us. I have heard of them doing this to me, but have not directly seen it. I now avoid the news. Someone in the SMG news team told me of a reporter who kept saying, "I was afraid of what they would think of me," which was a cutting joke about something I said in front of TV cameras, at my neighbors funeral, directly after I'd been drugged and raped and was literally distraught. (This was after the Alstead, NH flood in 2005.) Someone also told me that I was on the weather station's "Storm Story" about the Alstead flood, and that they portrayed me as a "Joan of Ark." I guess they ridiculed me for a while, but I didn't subject myself to it. I never saw any of it.

Sabotaging vehicles: I have experienced unusual amounts of sudden flat tires, sudden brake failures and electrical problems, batteries being drained...etc. My vehicles have repeatedly developed oil leaks, due to the oil filters being unscrewed or bolts suddenly missing from the engine. The goal seems to be to destroy our vehicle in ways that appear accidental or like normal wear and tear.

Threats: Threats are delivered in cryptic ways that repeatedly mention or display death. Stalkers will come close to me and yell out a message, while pretending to be talking to someone else. . .in such a way that I know the message is for me. (The most obvious time that this happened to me was when a couple parked next to my van and. . .as the woman removed a child from the back seat, the man came around to my side of the car and yelled, "You keep testing! You know what is going to happen if you don't STAND DOWN!" This was while I was testing to see if psychotronic weapon attacks were coming from vehicles (like they want us to think) or from a more remote source. My conclusion was a FIRM knowing that I was being attacked from the sky - most likely through satellites

Electronic Harassment: Stalkers slyly attack us with microwave or laser weapons. (This is different from the psychotronics/electromagnetics) These more localized attacks can rang from being uncomfortable to being extremely painful as well as mentally and/or physically debilitating. Sometimes its heavy blasts of microwave energy and sometimes its like being shot with some sort of laser weapon, which causes an instant rush of heat and pain...sometimes only pain and a strange vibration feeling.

Biological and Microwave Warfare: The most criminal types of stalkers use microwave weapons chemicals that burn our eyes, nose and lungs or cause itching and rashes and physical illness. I am microwaved a lot! I have experienced chemicals put in my car, shoes and clothes. I've also experienced suddenly breathing in something that burns my lungs and makes me choke. In December 2010 I experienced sudden, intense pain in my lungs and choking up globbs of mucus, which had little black dots in it. . .at a time when I was not ill. This came on within minutes of being inflicted.

Stealing or killing of victim's pets: During times of heavy targeting I have had missing pets and a dog that died from a medically unexplainable infliction, which was probably done with a laser weapon.

Inconspicuous Murders of Loved Ones: Long term victims, like myself, can be surrounded by an unusual amount of deaths, which FEEL unnatural although most of them appear to be of natural or accidental causes. I have experienced a lot of this.

Psychological Harassment and Torture: Stalkers say and do countless numbers of things to confuse or scare us. They play catty games. . .like telling us what kind of harm they are going to inflict on us before they do it. They say something and then say they didn't say it. This list could go on forever. It can include all sorts of mental abuse and any array of cruel confusing scenarios.

Manipulations: Stalkers manipulate situations to make us think innocent people are the ones who are following or harassing us. This makes us look crazy if we accuse them.

Befriend and Betray: Stalkers will try to befriend us and then push us into things that are bad for us and interfere with our other relationships, our businesses...etc.

Sleep deprivation: Stalkers launch noise campaigns to try to keep us from getting the rest we need. This can also be done with remote technologies. I have experienced some periods of this.

Parasite infestations: Stalkers infect our food/bodies, vehicles or homes with parasites. I experienced this, in my homes, in 1995 and 2006. Since then I occasionally feel or sense a stalker who comes to either sit or stand behind me, putting something on my head or back of my neck. And then I have head lice. There are a few times when I caught this in action,(in 2013 and in 2014) but there was nothing I could do - no place to turn for help or to report it. In 2012 and 2013 I was hit with some sort of intestinal parasites. (A stalker even called me to let me know, WHILE I WAS drinking the frap they did it to!) Heavy doses of raw garlic cured it.

Loss of homes and businesses: Stalkers inconspicuously destroy our homes and businesses. My first home was taken, in a VERY unusual and rude way, by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, under their "Rights of Eminent Domain." My second home was destroyed in a suspicious fire. And my businesses have been so sabotaged that I've had to aim for other jobs, which were also repeatedly sabotaged or used as avenues to inflict more pain.

Framings for uncommitted crimes: Stalkers try to set us up to be blamed for crimes that they commit or try to set us up to commit a crime. I have experienced periods of them literally following me around with children and obviously trying set me up to be framed for sexual abuse. I never have and never would harm a child, and this is what makes it feel so horrible. "What did you do to him?" one of them had yelled out as they kept sending boys to where I was sitting or standing...etc. They have disabled my car and then tried to make me steal vehicles, while pretending it was "help." I cannot count the amount of times that they have pushed me into destitution and then had store attendants head into the back room or bathroom, as they saw me coming in, and then wait to see if I'd steal something. I could fill a book with the obvious attempts to frame me for theft, pedophilia, plagiarizing, murder, mental illness...etc. They have never succeeded because ALL of these things are too foreign to my nature and I have done my best to listen to my intuition, instead of falling into their traps.

Inconspicuous Murder: Stalkers may try to kill us in ways that look like an accident or natural death. This is being slowly done to most Targeted Individuals, through toxifying food and directing almost steady doses of microwave energy at us, shooting at our hearts with laser weapons, tampering with the brakes on our vehicles...etc. I have even experienced them putting a bullet in a gun, which I picked up and THOUGHT was empty. I was lucky to have been the one to find it, and not my daughters or their friends.

Abduction: Some victims are abducted after being completely isolated from their families and friends. There appears to have been repeated attempts to do this to me. A WORD OF CAUTION TO TARGETED INDIVIDUALS; Stalkers will zoom in and pretend to be covertly "helping" us out of the situation. The deceptions around this are HUGE! It all appears to be a ploy to abduct us and make it our fault, because we "chose" to go with them.

Drugging and raping victim: This can repeatedly happen to both the victim and his/her children. It seems to be a sadistic domination tactic. (I had two beautiful daughters and believe that they have both experienced this. One had the bruises to prove it. And I hate to admit it, but I have been drugged and raped at least 4 times.

And the gory list goes on. . .

This covert targeting is performed so inconspicuously that we often do not even realize what is happening until it is too late to reclaim our destroyed lives. Attacks often start out slow and subtle and then increase as the perpetrators succeed at isolating us. The final steps aim to push us into suicide, mental breakdown, institutionalization or being jailed for uncommitted crimes - ultimately destroying our lives. This process is so cruel and barbaric that it becomes unbelievable to those whom we try to get help from. . .and this is the most dangerous part! There is a desperate need for public and law enforcement awareness of this horrific crime.



Are you one of those who blindly follows messages to do or say certain things to, or near, particular individuals? If so, do you realize that you are part of a criminal, covert stalking and harassment program, which is destroying decent lives as well as the freedom and safety humanity needs? Do you realize that you are an accomplice to psychological and physical murders? Do you realize that your part in these crimes, (no matter how small it may seem to you) puts you at risk for either also becoming a victim or for being prosecuted as a criminal operative?

My advise to you is. . .STOP being a foolish puppet and start following ONLY your own mind, heart and instincts - STOP being a foolish puppet and start caring about the effects you have on others. YOUR OWN future may depend on your realization of what you are part of, and your being wise enough to refrain from such criminal behaviors. Please care to help spread the word to your associates, especially if you are in our law enforcement, military or government organizations, because we depend on you to help preserve our freedom and insure our safety, instead of helping to destroy it. Please STOP.

Don't be a Foolish Puppet!

Remember that

Those who follow others sacrifice themselves
In shadows that don't belong to them!

Scrambling, little puppets
All lined up in a row,
Stumble upon each other
To get to where I go.
One cuts me off,
While another repeats my song.
And all foolishly think
That I'm the one who's wrong.

Don't be a Foolish Puppet!

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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Information on this site is based on my own personal experiences and beliefs and then backed up with links to what I've found for scientific proof. I hope it is helpful to you. Please keep in mind that those who target me/us sometimes interfere with my writings. I am doing the best I can to keep this site going under indescribably difficult circumstances. So, please look past possible bloops and let your Heart focus on the core issues, which need your attention.