Morgellons Disease

    Morgellons disease is also called Morgellons Syndrome and some feel that a more accurate description would be "Genetically Modified Organism Disease." I am not an expert on this subject, but I have suffered from what appears to be morgellons, since the fall of 2013. Aside from my experiences I have done a bit of research and am doing my best to listen to the heart of my own instincts.

    New Update: Certain frequencies of radio wave (microwave) targeting are reported to severely magnify - "excite" chemicals in our bodies. This could better explain Moregellons Disease as well as many other mysterious physical illnesses that have been popping up in victims.

    An article by Cindy Casey Holman states that new research has found that Morgellon "fibers are made of collagen and keratin, and our own bodies produce them." This article also states that "Lyme disease and Morgellons are connected. . . Oftentimes, the same bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia, is present in Morgellons patients, too."

"With Morgellons. . . the most difficult [thing] to deal with
was when doctors would tell me that I was delusional."

    And I found this information in a book by Jerry E. Smith; "Laboratory experiments have shown that a minute quantity of a substance in a living body (an amount too small to cause effect) can be excited by exposure to EMR, through something called, Cyclotron Resonance, so as to produce effects as though there were up to a thousand times as much of the substance present."

Please think about and research this

    I had felt that morgellons was somehow caused by the microwave targeting and am glad to have found these solid batches of scientific research to help back it up.There is still the parasite part, but that may be a separate thing. Heavily targeted people are being hit in many different ways.

Previously posted article is below this line:

    Morgellons is a mysterious illnesses, which has been surrounded by misdiagnosis, misinformation and attempts to hide the fact that it is part of a lethal targeting program. Some doctors misdiagnose it as a "delusion" or "mental illness," which merely inflicts more pain upon the victims. Morgellons is so obviously a physical infliction that scientists have launched into research, in order to find its True cause and have been baffled by the mysterious findings, which show that morgellons Truly IS SOMETHING that is like nothing they have ever seen before. I hope they are soon able to prove and expose its True cause for the sake of victims as well as the future safety of all of humanity. Morgellons, and other parts of the targeting, are in desperate need of being exposed and stopped.

Alien Fibers: Morgellons Disease - ABC's Nightline.

    Morgellons victims seem to know more about the disease then doctors and researchers. I have heard many victims say that morgellons is parasitical. I can attest to this and more.* There is nothing like the wisdom of experience. But, our experiences need to be believed and acknowledged by the medical profession, in order for us to receive needed validation and hope for things to get better.
    Morgellons really is hard for a victim to face and talk about. It is literally sickening. I have coped with it through flipping myself into denial. But, like every other part of the targeting, the Truth needs to be faced, in order for there to be a chance for things to get better.
    One of the most damaging parts of the covert targeting is the secrecy, and its resulting lack of awareness and disbelief, because this inflicts more pain upon the victims and prevents help that is deperately needed. Most people can deal with almost anything as long as they know what it is and have understanding and support from fellow human beings. Without knowing, and without understanding and support, our suffering is indescribably excruciating and hope for it to end fades into the mysterious dark abyss. One example of a victim who suffers from the mystery is Joni Mitchell. . .

Inside Morgellons: Joni Mitchell’s Mystery Illness

    I'd like to urge honest doctors to gain more trust in their patients and learn how to say, "I don't know," instead of assuming the wrong things, especially when people's lives are at stake. There is not a doubt in my mind that some of the doctors, who leap to the false diagnosis of "delusion" or "mental illness," without even performing any tests, are participants in the program that is targeting us. This same method is used around other parts of the targeting as well.

THE CAUSE: Morgellons is an infestation of an odd strain of parasite and is a horrible form of torture that is being inflicted upon Targeted Individuals. These parasites are worms that live inside the body and sometimes eat or poke through the skin. They are activated with electromagnetic frequencies being directed into the infested parts of the body. (There may be other types of parasites also.) The worms are probably most often ingested through intentionally infected food or drinks. They can also be surgically placed into the body. . .or remotely shot into the body, which can explain why so many inflictions have been reported to be on the most exposed parts of the victims body - the head, arms and lower legs. But no matter how they get there, the condition is exacerbated with electromagnetic frequencies being directed into the infested parts of the body. The result is uncomfortable, often painful and can be fatal.
    These targetings appear to be part of a covert eugenics movement. The hidden technological part of the targeting can be proven with unfiltered microwave detection and radiation tests...etc. And I pray that we soon have enough professionals, who have the Heart and courage to stand up for humanity in public proclamations, because the confusion, suffering and cruel destruction of human life should not be allowed to continue and grow.

THE CURE: Morgellons can be completely cured through the sadistic targeting of human beings being exposed and stopped. Until this happens we can use herbal cures. Large doses of garlic have helped me a lot. My herb book listed things like Black Walnut and Chaparral being good for parasites. Some victims say that they have been helped with apple cider vinegar. But, even if the herbs can completely cure morgellons, the targeting needs to be stoped, in order for us to remain healthy.

A POSSIBLE DANGER: Morgellons being a new illness, which is being inflicted upon Targeted Individuals, leads me to wonder if there may be a plan to hide the technological part of targeting through blaming our symptoms on the parasites. It would fit the targeting patterns for the technological parts (especially the technological torture and mind control parts) to be blamed on something else. . .so that it can secretly continue.
    A few of the symptoms of BOTH morgellons and microwave targeting are, "difficulty paying attention and concentrating, extreme fatigue, hair loss, joint and muscle pain, nervous system problems, tooth loss, sleep problems and short-term memory loss." And there is a desperate need for ALL of the targeting to be exposed, especially the technological parts, so that it can be genuinely stopped for victims. . .and the rest of humanity can remain safe.

    This next video contains the most accurate description of morgellons that I have found. But I am not sure about the silver water. As I started taking it I felt unsure of what other effects it may have on me. Because I do not know enough about it, I decided to stop and continue with only the garlic and herbs. I have experienced similar results while taking large doses of garlic.

Connie Tells Her Story

    The following video is about a woman who believes that she was cured from morgellons through replacing fillings in her teeth. About ten years ago I read a similar story about lupus. I believe that both lupus and morgellons are being caused by microwave targeting, which can be stopped at strategic times, in order to make it look like something else was causing it. This seems to be a common pattern in the aims to prevent people from realizing that they are being targeted with microwave and laser weapons. . .which can inflict a variety of skin problems and physical sensations aside from morgellons.
    Perhaps this woman did not really have morgellons. An allergic reaction to a leaking tooth filling is not morgellons. Its an alergic reaction. But perhaps she was being targeted. Its hard to tell without the technological targeting being acknowledged and the proper tests performed.

Morgellons Treatment ABC interview with Dr. Omar Amin

* I experienced small cuts in the skin, around my vagina, before the mergellons got really bad in that area. It appears that the worms were either put into me while I was asleep or the cuts were remotely inflicted with laser weapons just to make me think they were. I can not be 100 percent sure of how they got there, but I am sure they are there, because I have seen them and have the same types of open bleeding sores that are shown in pictures of morgellons victims.
    I also get rounds of sores on my head. It has felt like something was shot into my cheek, which created an unexplainable open sore. I have also experienced this in the lower part of my ear.

    My experiences with the radio wave (microwave) part of the targeting leaves no room for doubt of what is happening to me. The proof is in the timing of attacks and what I feel in my body. I often feel the faint vibration of microwaves being directed into the middle part of my body BEFORE the crawling sensations and intense itching starts. This type of targeting has often been done to me directly after I lay down to sleep. And it has stopped, when I suddenly flip over and move to a different location on the mattress, too often to be called a coincidence.
    I also often experience the same sort of microwave vibrations, which causes intense itching, around my shoulder blades. (I do not have morgellons there.) This is one of the milder forms of the torture, which just creates discomfort and the irritation of repeatedly experiencing an itch in a place that either can not be reached or a place that is embarrassing to scratch in public.

    I cannot help but wonder. . . If I cure myself of morgellons, will they try to pretend that I was never really being targeted and continue with the less obvious parts of it? I guess this could work if its all going to be blamed on morgellons. But the Truth is that I was being very obviously targeted, with microwaves, laser weapons and psychotronic weapons, long before being inflicted with morgellons. I know for a fact that morgellons has not been the core of my problem. Its just a gruesome part of the targeting. And I need it ALL to be stopped.

    Since I started writing and perfecting this article I am receiving another round of covert threats against myself and estranged family members, which appears to include the infliction of alzheimer's and the death of my father.

God help us all.

More may be coming soon

This is not a "theory." Its a fight for our lives. Its not a matter of if you "believe it" or not -
its a matter of if you are aware and if you can care to help restore our safety and freedom.

World I See

What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.

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