Targeted Individual Videos

Within these Targeted Individual videos are desperate cries for help, validation,
understanding, compassion...etc. Please let them touch your Hearts.

    We desperately grope for who and why and how in a world that has provided too few honest answers. Is it this one or that one or coworkers or community members or our families or the government...etc. Who would do such a thing? And why? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! When we look through our justifiable pain, anger and fear, from the prison of hell that our abusers have us trapped in, it looks like everyone is involved in targeting us, because we are surrounded by manipulations and misinformation and interference with our brains, which makes it hard to be objective.
    When I reached the point of realizing the horrible technological and pharmaceutical mind control's enslavement of humanity, and was able to back up and look at the bigger picture, I began to see that humanity has been being targeted by a sadistic/satanic force that has been pitting people against each other and torturing those of us who are less controllable. In the sadistic targeting, technological mind control has been being used to pit governments and citizens against each other and pit loved ones against each other....etc. The government is just a compilation of our fellow citizens who have also been being targeted or effected in various ways, like the loved ones and community members of long term Targeted Individuals. Some have been technologically brainwashed into blind disbelief and/or the assumption that we are just "mentally ill," although there is concrete proof that both space and ground based technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves, do indeed exist and can be criminally used; some have been lured or roped or tortured into the covert program that targets us and seem to think it is a good thing and are used to help "rescue"/enslave heavily Targeted Individuals or to fight for freedom in covert wars that merely add to the destruction. And some truly are criminals who know what is happening and either condone it or vengefully torture and/or aim to control us, our loved ones and other community members. God help us all.

    As you watch these videos please understand that being objective is often too difficult for a heavily Targeted Individual to do while being tortured and feeling scared and desperate for help, especially in the initial stages of realizing that we are experiencing sadistic targeting and are being told that our own loved ones and/or government, are torturing and harassing us. This is extremely scary and painful. We are suffering horribly and in ways that no human being should have to endure for any length of time. Some of us are being threatened and painfully tortured for standing up and telling the Truth. So please excuse our mistakes and try to understand and care instead of judging us, because it can be damaging for us to think we are just "mentally ill" when we aren't. Maybe a few TIs are to some degree, but surely the majority are not, because the technological tortures and covert harassment really are happening. And, for the sake of our own psychological health and survival, we need to hold onto our trust in our own experiences, instincts and intuition about what is happening to us. If you look with your Heart, into the Truth and into the future, you will see that every Targeted Individual who finds the courage to stand up and expose the technological targeting is paving a road for Freedom to be restored to all of humanity. In a sense, we are your angels. Please embrace and help us.

    Being a long term Targeted Individual myself, I sometimes find it too heart wrenching to watch the videos of other Targeted Individuals (TIs). My own pain is triggered as I hear about some of the same things I've experienced, as well as some worse things, and I do not have the privacy I need, in order to process my feelings. It also hurts to know that so many people are suffering.
     Different Targeted Individuals experience different types of targetings, but the basic technological tortures covert harassment (gang stalking) is all very similar. Our stories are sad and filled with despair when we are allowed to fully tell them and share our feelings, but this has not been being allowed to much of a degree, when it is at all, not with me anyway, because the targeting severely vamped up when I aimed to do videos in 2015. So, I beg all who watch our videos to let your Hearts look past anything that seems off color or confusing, give us the benefit of your doubt and understand the gravity of our situation, because we are delivering our testimonies to you while still experiencing grossly inhumane physical and psychological tortures.
    Targeted Individual videos expose many Truths about the sadistic covert targeting, especially the "gang stalking" - covert harassment and technological torture parts, which is the heaviest focus for most of them, although the mind control, is at the core of it all.
    Some of our videos reflect the numb void of feelings that pharmaceutical and/or technological mind control targeting can inflict, but if you look with your Hearts you will see our confusion, fear and the excruciating pain that is tearing some of us up on the inside. Many of us are hurting indescribably and we need our fellow human beings to realize that most of us (if not all) are NOT "mentally ill" and are being hurt in ways that no human being should have to endure, especially without validation, understanding and compassionate help from fellow human beings.
     Technological mind control inflictions are evident in many of our videos, although most TIs seem either oblivious to this part of the targeting or are heeding the warnings (or threats?) of being institutionalized if we say anything about it. Some videos include outbursts of extreme anger and profanity, which are often mind control inflictions at strategic times, although we certainly have just cause to feel our own anger as well. (Who was it that said, "Underlying all anger is pain?" Its true and fear is also masked by anger. Some videos reflect strong lecturing about things that we are convinced will finally end the unbearable hell we are experiencing, but our ideas are not always accurate and not always our own, due to the misinformation we are fed and the technological brainwashings.But if you listen to to your own heart and instincts you will sense what parts to ignore and what parts to pay more attention to.
    Some videos reflect the religion part of the targeting, which tries to convince us that turning to the bible and becoming a better person can make it all end, although personal growth can not happen under torturous manipulations. . .and many who are being heavily targeted appear to be people who already had big Hearts and its the targeting that has been hurting and blocking us (I believe that it is very important to have Faith in the Highest Power, especially under these conditions, and that God/Light/Love works through people's Hearts whether they believe in it or not. However, both the technological and pharmaceutical targeting can block that vital part of us and prevent our own natural process of personal and spiritual growth, which is just too horribly destructive to be allowed to continue.)
    Some videos reflect strong advise giving that comes from a yearn to want to help ourselves and others and sometimes from being told that we are the "chosen ones" who must save the world. (Too much is placed upon our shoulders and we can not accomplish it effectively while being targeted. We need other people's Hearts to stand up for us. I feel that the world will be saved by those who find the Heart to stand up with and for us, and not by us alone.)
    Some videos reflect the confusion of misinformation, which is either deliberately fed to us by those who target us or is all that we can find on the web's limited exposure of this crisis, or is the product of the technological mind control.
    Some videos may be done by people who have been diagnosed/stigmatized with a "mental illness," label, the symptoms of which appear to be intentionally set up to mimic that of the technological and covert inflictions upon Targeted Individuals. (The field of psychiatry and its DSM book appear to be heavily involved in the enslavement of humanity.) It is actually part of the targeting to get less controllable people (Targeted Individuals) on the medications that aid the success of technological mind control. (I have fought hard to avoid them doing this to me, because the push has been ridiculously strong. Some people have even intentionally refused to give needed financial help until I get diagnosed and put on the enslaving meds.) I feel that the vast majority of TIs are NOT "mentally ill" and are being tormented and tortured in ways that no human being should have to endure for any length of time.
    Many TI videos have probably been removed from the web due to Targeted Individuals being threatened into silence, abducted or murdered. (Sadly, some Targeted Individuals may get completely taken over and become tools/puppets for those who target us.)Unfortunately, some videos have been done by perpetration puppets (perps) who are just pretending to be heavily Targeted Individuals and appear to be either to make all TIs look crazy, to promote the blaming of our loved ones and the government or to befriend real TIs in efforts to inflict more pain, but they are surely victims too - completely enslaved victims. The plight of completely enslaved mind control victims, who are used in the foreground of the covert targeting, seems worse than ours in some ways. Its horribly sad for them too, particularly for the ones who were tortured/forced/threatened into enslavement or compliance. My gut feeling is that not many people make a FREE CHOICE to do things that hurt us and that those who do tend to hide behind the scenes.
     I feel that most, if not all, of those who did the videos, which I share here, are genuine victims and there is a lot more on the web and even far more who are not on the web. I do not personally know any of the TIs in the videos I've gathered on the link below, except for myself. I have not even watched every minute of all of them. They are just a few examples. For the most part I tried to pick ones that either use real names, focused on personal experiences and did not too heavily leap into profanity, misplaced blame...etc. There are many others on the web that you can look up, but understand that, around the year 2012, many of us were warned/threatened into not using the "Targeted Individual" term so also check under things like "mind control victim" and "gang stalking victim."
    But my gut feeling is that most heavily Targeted Individuals are not on the web - like the ones that I knew personally who seemed unaware and/or too scared and ashamed of what has happened to them. Some of us blame ourselves, especially when we are not aware, or have been threatened into not publicly saying anything and into not seeking help. Some just cannot handle anymore, while being slowly and inconspicuously destroyed. I hurt for them as well as myself. Knowing that their lives have been being destroyed while I fumble with exposing the targeting, in order to get help for us, has been indescribably difficult. My stand has been for all of us. I'm sorry I've not been able to do a very good job with it, although this is not my fault.

    Please let your Heart reach past the manipulations that many of us Targeted Individuals have been surrounded by and believe that we are being hurt in ways that should not be happening and should not be allowed to continue. The most painful part of the targeting is often the deprivation of being believed, validated, understood, supported, protected and loved in ways that are desperately needed. (I have been mostly isolated and homeless since around the year 2006, when I started realizing part of the targeting. I have been uncomfortably isolated since the fall of 2011 when things got even worse and there have been many attempts to abduct me since mid 2013. I have been earnestly writing letters to officials both inside and outside the USA since the end of 2011 and I advise other Targeted Individuals to do the same.)     I am still praying for the good/uncontrolled parts of our media and governments to quickly and honestly stand up to publicly expose all aspects of the technological and covert targeting for themselves, each other, us torture victims and the rest of humanity, so that Freedom can be restored and our recovery can begin with the validation, understanding and compassion that has been desperately needed for too long. God help us all.

Targeted Individual Videos

Within these Targeted Individual videos are desperate cries for help, validation,
understanding, compassion...etc. Please let them touch your Hearts.

Sean Stinn (Sean died shortly after doing this video)

Ryan Knicade

Magnus Ollson

Sharon Rose Poet (Part One of three)

Sharon Rose Poet (Part two of three)

Sharon Rose Poet (Part three of three)

John Ibarra

Kyle ?

Rosemeka Williams

Tammy Jean Avery

Omara Bessard ?

Valentine Armon

Dr. Katherine Horton

Dr Moss David Pozner

Mila Taylor


Lino Martinez

James Walbert

James Lico

Guy ?


Bellaaa ?

Mark ?

James Macloud

Stephen Searl Price Jr.

Remondo Murphy

Sherunda Jackson

Nic Nic ?

Shannon and Her Mom

Timothy Trespass

"Freedom Fighter" teenager

Stephany Van de Velde

Sharon R. Poet

Rachael Orbin appears to have been abducted.

Rodney Hamilton

Jesse Beltran

Dr. Katherine Horton

Dr. John Hall

Remondo Murphy

Karen Tanner

Marisa Juengling

Unusual Mind Control Victims

Mariann Bakken

Remondo Murphy

Brian Conners

Richard Bruce

Robert Roby

Louise Hansen

James Shin

TI Group


Tila Tequila

Mandela Theory lady

Kris Durschmidt

Youtube Link to a Targeted Individual Videos

This posting of Racheal Orbib's video was erased while I compiled this list. She was at the same stage of the targeting as I am and we were both experiencing the covert "help" that abducts. It appears that they have been trying to wipe her name off the web as well.
    More may be coming soon. Sorry I can not do much. My computers were disabled in 2016 and I am forced to work on library computers while being harassed and sometimes technologically tortured. If you are a Targeted Individual and want me to post your video please sen it to sharonpoet [at] but please understand that if I get a lot I may not be able to keep up with it.

P.S. Since I saw some of the lipsinking videos, of last year's presidential debates, and have experienced multitudes of technological interference I am concerned that our words, in videos may be able to be altered. I hope this does not happen, but there needs to be an awareness of its possibility.
    I no longer try to connect with other TIs, except for little spurts of trying to offer validation to them, because I have been too heavily targeted. I have often been blocked from functional correspondence with genuine Targeted Individuals. Two that I have been obvious blocked from were Dr. John Hall in 2011 and also Rachael Orbin. Racheal appears to have been abducted - her youtube account has vanished and her first video is now being displayed by someone else. I do not know if that video is still the way it was. Her other video, which exposed some very important things about what both she and I have been experiencing now appears to have been erased completely.
    I had started sharing TI videos in 2012 but was being hit too hard and got too confused about who was or was not a perpetration puppet...etc. The people, whom I personally know to be heavily targeted, the way I am, are not on the web, and its hard to share things from people whom I do not know. But I have felt bad about not sharing more from other Targeted Individuals and now feel that I can not judge any of the videos, especially since I am being too heavily targeted, and am too overwhelmed with it all, to make accurate assessments. I hope this post helps to support all types of Targeted Individuals.